Meet the Company

On the market since 1976 we operate with line of furniture for kitchens and bathrooms in the main networks in the country building materials.

Our products are manufactured with raw materials of top quality and finish UV developed with the latest technology, offering the market as well as quality a modern and unique design.

Set in the ABC Paulista | São Paulo – Brazil, in a building and 4,000 m², allowing customers the industry’s best logistics.




We at Primolar have as main mission is to produce furniture with attractive and innovative design and with high qualitye.



To be recognized for excellence, pioneering and constant innovation and continuous improvement of production of furniture.



Some of our values ​​are: sustainability, commitment, innovation, teamwork, social responsibility;



Ecological concern.
Edge tape made in recycled PET bottles.
Every 300 meters edge tapes we use, 60 bottles are recycled.


To meet the demand of modern buildings and differentiated customer profiles, we innovate in customized furniture segment and we are pioneers in the concept of online joinery.

With fair price and overall practicality, we achieved the full satisfaction of the most demanding customers.


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